About us

Herceg ProTeam is an off road club, active on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded by experienced off-roaders and off-road sports enthusiasts. We bring together all those in search of adrenalin and good times.  We have around 50 active members

The club and the race in a nutshell

Brief club history

The Club has been officially registered in early 2012, continuing its existence until today, and is an heir to the Automotive Club Vran Blidinje which officially existed from 2003 to 2012. Starting from the visual identity, a different concept and a new approach to the organisation of off-road races in Nature Park Blidinje, Herceg ProTeam has, since day one, been synonymous with pushing boundaries in this type of sports in the country and beyond.

Racing history in Blidinje

Off Road races have been taking place in Blidinje since 2003. It is important to note that the first race of this type ever to be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was held precisely in Nature Park Blidinje, so we can rightfully say that we are one of the founders of this sport in the country.

In 2009 we have changed the name of the race to ‘Memorial Off Road Rally’ to honour our tragically deceased member and long-serving Club president, Vinko Vukoja Lastvić.

Since 2019. the race is held under the name Blidinje Challenge.

Race attendance and popularity

The race has been counting an ever growing number of visitors and competitors from year to year, and we can safely say that it occupies one of the highest places in terms of organization for this type of race in the country as well as the region. High ranking among clubs has brought an enormous reputation to the club and all of its members so it has become a matter of prestige to be a part of this race, both in terms of organization and competitors.

At the last race we have had several thousands of spectators in only a couple of days of the race.


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